Real Software Product Prototype Near to Be Launched

After a few months of working on a software product that will be marketed for real soon, I can show you a prototype that I have been working since October.

I spent good time working on it and that is why I have not posted anymore videos for a good while.

I wanted to create a software product for real, so I could record videos of me applying the business theory steps in practice, so you can learn how to do it by watching me.

This prototype is semi-functional and is good enough to show to beta testers that are using it to give me feedback. That helps me improve the prototype before I move on to the final version when it is already very good and ready for launch, hopefully in the next weeks or maybe 2 months at most.

For now watch this short video to learn how the product works and why its is already having huge demand from people of the target market, SEO professionals in this case.

I will get back to the planned free workshop and the course on software product business after this product launch. Stay tuned.